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working class, it's a be the best group for romney to make progress. we look at the break out from the polls that do provide them. we're not seeing any progress. we're not seeing a noticeably bigger margin. it is not happening. that is being translated into a similar margin here in the center of the state. minorities are going up. in virginia, the key to virginia for romney would be to widen the margin they would get. mccain carried them by over 30 points. so did romney. it is basically about the same margin as mccain got in 2008. we see this burgeoning white college graduate group that obama lost by about 11. in 2008. the is basically about even. it makes it difficult for romney to put together a coalition that could put this. colorado has been closed. obama looks like he has a three or four. lead. -- thre or four point lead. it does not appear that romney is able to turn that demographic in his favor. he is not doing much better according to the polls i have seen. he has made some progress outside the margin. he is not making nearly enough progress to take the state. if you break
, growing middle class. read my plan and compare it to governor romney and decide for yourself. >> too many of those who are working are living pay check to pay check trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for foodas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office, and 15 million more are on food stamps. gwen: interesting to me that picks up on what you were saying is this idea that people feel pretty good about the economy, but we have the democrats -- the republican talking about poverty and food stamps and the democrats preaching optimism, what's up with that? >> the democrats are in charge. if the role was reversed, you would hear different messages, although some things would be the same. president obama has talked about the middle class throughout the summer. and if you talked to the obama campaign, they think that is why their economic message has resonated so much because the middle class has been in trouble for a long time. the flip side of that is governor romney is having to try to sell voters on the idea that things are so bad that they can
and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >>> and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> six games to go. the nats working their way towards the finish line. so are the braves. time running out on the latter. time squirrelly on the side of nationals. they're hoping st. louis is the place where they can pop some champagne. the splits right there say the bases are loaded. 9 cards came to the plate in the first inning. 5-1 after one. let's get this baseball. it's no longer with us. the nats lose 12-2. but so do the braves, so the magic number is now two. washington could clinch in st. louis tomorrow. that would be cool. the orioles three up on tampa for the final wild card spot. bases loaded. bottom first. light hitting ryan flaherty. light hitting until tonight. don't you just love it when they call you big popup. grand slam puts 6 on in the first. and the other story was chris tillman. baffled. threw a one hitter. baltimore their magic number now three after they win tonight 9-1. some bad news tod
some of mitt romney's growth in the western part of the state with working class voters. >> romney isn't getting much support from those closest to him either. anonymous friends of the campaign associates savaged the candidate in politico. louie candidate. doesn't know the the room. not a great politician. and he's missing the normal guy gene. >> "i think romney is in trouble. and he has got to win this debate. i don't think it can be well, it was a draw and -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. where did you get that from? what do you mean romney's in trouble? because of this poll manipulation crap? >> let me just say something. the criticism of the polls is craziness. i did some research on this today, which is more than you've done. >> some righties are losing their nerve. former comedian and current conservative talker dennis mill are tweeted "i'm ignoring the polls. one, i think they're rigged. two, it's too traumatizing for me to think my country has gotten this helpless. you have to wonder how much more of this mess romney supporters can actually ignore. let's bring in democratic
the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >>> look at these new pictures this morning. amazing shots. that's a 71-year-old man making a dramatic leap from a third-story apartment window to arms of rescuers down low. that building on fire. we're going to hear from him this morning. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> every time i watch that video, i just get chills. he remained calm throughout it all. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga, alongside dan. it's saturday, september 29th. >>> just when you thought the controversy of the topless photos of kate middleton were dying down, it' re-ignited for a brand-new complication for the palace. kate, completely nude. they're going across the internet. can the royals do anything to stop them? >> new crisis for the palace this morning. >>> and perhaps the biggest rivalry in pop music. madonna versus lady gaga. the material girl may be laying off her younger rival. i
romney may fail the middle class when statistically speaking they would argue that your administration is failing the middle class. how do you respond to that? >> who the hell is elisabeth hasselbeck? ask the president a question. >> i don't know. >> she won a reality show -- she didn't even win. she was like fifth. >> she was on survivor. >> on survivor. hey, leader of the free world, answer this -- [ laughter ] i'm serious. that seems crazy to me so whoopi and joy behar can ask all the questionings they want. but when elisabeth hasselbeck asks one. >> that's real cutting edge stuff going after elisabeth hasselbeck, whoa. people are always saying it's tough. impossible to make fun of president obama on "the view." instead he goes after -- president obama on that thing he came off as an emasculated wimp with the eye candy stuff and tucking the wife in bed. >> bill: only guy on the whole panel. what else could he do? >> he didn't have to do that. >> bill: chew tobacco? >> the point is that conan o'brien could have used that as an opportunity to mock him. >> bill: you say, gutfeld about
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the needs and problems of people like them. some of mr. romney's numbers are just shockingly bad. i mean double check. shockingly bad. look at the percentage of swing state voters who say mitt romney's policies will favor the middle class. in florida it's 8%. in ohio it's 9%. in pennsylvania it's 9%. whatever the romney campaign has done to get themselves to this point, whether it's mr. romney's tax returns, or the lack thereof, or getting rich by laying off factory workers or the tape where he says half the country is a bunch of lazy bums and victims who depend on the government and he doesn't care about them. whatever it is that turned their candidate into the 2012 reincarnation of thurston howell except in this reincarnation thurston is mean, whatever it is that has done that it's just killing him in the polls in every state. if the romney campaign does nothing else they must, must, must make sure that nobody anywhere near mitt romney does that rich guy can't relate to people like me thing again. here's the romney campaign last night. >> both mitt and i have summer places up in new ha
the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ ♪ >> a warning about online prescription ordering if you buy prescription meds from an online pharmacy you might be getting fake or toxic drugs. the f.d.a. launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the problem. the agency says nearly one in four internet consumers has bought prescription meds on line. the pharmacy reports less than 3% of online farm sizz meet state and federal regulations and one more warning if low prescription prices seem too good to be true, the f.d.a. says they probably are. puppies and kittens are not only cute. they may actually help you do better at work. a new study found people performed a variety of tasks, faster more accurately of looking at pictures of kittens and puppies. researchers speculated they made subjects more attuned to be careful because baby animals suggest vulnerability. some researchers are saying it's possible for women to know ahead of time whether they'll be good
the middle class. in florida it's 8%. in ohio it's 9%, in pennsylvania it's 9%. whatever the romney campaign has done to gem themselves to this point, whether it's mr. romney's tax returns or lack there of or getting rich by laying off fact workers or that videotape that said half the country is lady bums and he doesn't care about them? in this reincarnation, thurston is mean. whaef it is that has done that is just killing him in the polls,every state. if the romney campaign does nothing else, they must, must, must make sure that nobody anywhere near mitt romney does that rich guy can't relate to people like me thing again. here's the romney campaign last night. >> both mitt and i have summer places up in new hampshire on lake winnipesaukee. a few summers ago was taking my chin and grandchildren to the town in the boat for ice cream. i got to the doing, looked around, there was no place to dock, we pulled over and all jumped out and ran up the dock and i realized there was nobody left in the boat to help me tie up or anything, they left me at to sea. i pulled up and i said who is going to ti
romney tax plan? >> it increases take-home pay, middle class family, $2,000 extra in their take-home pay, and more importantly it reduces the price of doing work, being productive and taking risks. lowering that price, lowering tax rates. that's the way to get the economy going. worked for kennedy, for reagan, worked in the early part of the last decade. it will work again. >> we have to do something. since the recovery began, by the way, june 2009, household incomes are down 5.7%. that's since the recovery. when you're in a recovery, incomes are supposed to go up. >> yeah. what's disstressing and concerning is, at this point i don't know what governor romney has in mind. he's been saying all along he'll reduce taxes and shows up in ohio -- >> reducing tax rates. >> he shows up and says don't expect a huge tax cut, because what he's doing is lowering deductions and exemptions. great. i wonder if somebody will get around to telling me what those deductions and exemptions are that he's going to lower. he's been running for president for seemingly half a century and none of us know
for a while. mitt romney is still in persuasion territory to convince middle-class voters he has a plan. i was no higher this weekend at the obama is already saying start voting. they are farther ahead. neil: they tried to seize the moment may be that is the good idea but what is the strategy lonesome and a vote early? in 1981 that of 30 now it is one out of three or likely to out of three. what is the strategy? >> to make the closing argument were hit voters the hardest as absentee voting begins. the president is stronger they have done a before. couple sides are doing it and pushing extremely hard and tracking it. this is not one side is doing and the other is not. i would tell you the romney campaign has been slowly ramping up the television advertising. i may have done it sooner but over the next few days they will unleashed a flood gates. their plan is to do so as we hit october through november 6. that is the plan they have chosen. neil: thank you both very much. food for thought to if the romney campaign is not respond but if i do think there have been so many distractions it has go
of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪
more folks who have to get back to work. we've got a lot more work to do to make the middle class secure again. but the question is, whose plan is better for you? >> an obama win in virginia could be deal romney a crushing blow. the president won here in 2008 becoming the first democrat to do so since johnson. football fans are everywhere so it's no surprise a reporter asked romney about the deal to end the dispute between the nfl and its referees. a question romney appeared to fumble. >> what do you think about the nfl? >> i sure hope they do. >> and romney finished his week by making a bold prediction at a fund raiser and at a separate event outside of philadelphia. he went on to say he would win the state of philadelphia even though our latest poll shows him down by 10 points. >> how is he preparing for the first presidential debate that's coming up wednesday night? >> well, the campaign says he'll be spending most of this weekend behind closed doors doing debate prep. as we know ohio senator has been his sparring partner and we heard the romney campaign starting to manage some
, they have a very strong impression of mitt romney. they do see him as somebody who is not an advocate of the middle class. somebody who's a little too rich to understand their problems. they have gotten that message. and it's going to be a really tough slog for him to turn it around. but a debate gives him that chance. >> anne kornblut, some are arguing that governor romney desperately needs to go big in these debates and go after the president, specifically on foreign policy. governor romney hit the president on the response to the consulate attack in libya on his weekly podcast. take a listen. >> we've seen a confused, slow, and inconsistent response to the terrorist attack in libya. a refusal to be frank with the american people about what happened, and a complete failure to explain the growing terrorist threat we face in the region. >> is that the winning line of attack there? >> well, certainly going after the president on what has been one of his strengths in recent years would be one way of going big. foreign policy doesn't tend to be one of the top issues for many voters, even
working class voters are supporting the president over mitt romney is in the midwest, is in your region. what is -- what's the source of that? is that the auto rescue? is it the out of touch plutocratic heir of mitt romney? >> it's yes and yes. higher rates of unionization among white working class voters. it's the auto rescue but it's the part of the auto rescue especially for nonworking voters that are rarely talked about in national media. you have insight that most don't have on this, chris, i think, and it's the supply chain. tier 2 and 3 and tier 4 supply chain auto companies. the uaw members that work at the jeep plant in toledo that put together the wrangler, the liberty, and the uaw workers in youngstown that put together the cruise that wouldn't be there in all likelihood without the auto rescue, they're already vote are for obama, voting for me, voting for democrats because they've had this process of understanding the auto rescue from the first day. the anxiety when they thought their lives were going to -- their communities and lives were so threatened and standard of livin
in the house of representatives, the one embraced by governor romney. i care about the middle class but i will cut 90 million people off of medicare. a lot of people say, that is all poor folks. a million of those people are seniors. in fact majority had to sell everything they have and whatever savings they had to get into a nursing home. the only reason they are able to get into a nursing home is because of something called the dueled eligible. would you expect -- where did you expect those folks to go? they say they care about education. they knocked 200,000 kids out of early education. it took $1,000 out of co grants. we went from 6 million his -- 6 million to 9 million kids that have been knocked out. the only thing helping is between $500 tax credit they are giving you off of your bottom line. they worked that out. [cheers and applause] let me tell you this, folks. you have to ask yourself the question. why are they doing it? >> because they have to. there is no way to accommodate the more than $2 trillion in tax cuts for people making a minimum of $1 million a year if they do not d
the good-paying jobs such as we had here at gst steel in kansas city, the middle class is going to become extinct. >> neither obama nor romney have public events scheduled for today, but vice president joe biden and paul ryan were both on the trail. the vice president was in florida this morning, ryan is in new hampshire and is traveling to ohio for an event tonight. we will, of course, have more on all of these stories over the next two hours. in case you have not heard, the countdown is on to colorado. even though both campaigns are playing the lowered expectations game, you can bet their furiously preparing for the denver debate. joining me now to talk about it, garrett hake, who has been traveling with the romney campaign. garrett, good saturday afternoon to you. what can you tell me about governor romney's debate preparations this weekend? >> well, craig, i can tell you, so far, it hasn't really started at. at the moment, he's over at his oldest son's house in massachusetts. we are expecting governor romney to participate in some more debate prep this weekend. understand senator rob
. the middle class is shrinking and falling behind. under mitt romney when he was governor of massachusetts, household income went up by 5000 old. look at what president obama did on the budget. nothing except pro and spend. as a result of his abdication of leadership and seeing the most predictable economic crisis in our history and not fixing it, our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history. when mitt romney was governor, the credit rating on his state was upgraded. that is the kind of change we will get with the mitt romney presidency. [applause] we need to tackle our nation's challenges before they tackle us. we need to save and strengthen medicare and social security. your putting ideas on the table of how to do that. we will not scare seniors. we will save the benefits for seniors and my generation so these promises are kept. we believe in strong national defense. we do not agree with the president's reckless defense cuts because we believe in peace through strength. [applause] in the live free or die state, we know this to be true. we want to be in control of ou
class, to grow this economy from the middle class out, from the 99% out, if you will, and mitt romney's going into this with a deficit, and obviously will have to answer his 47% comment because that's what voters are left with. but i will say this. mitt romney has certainly had a lot more practice in the last couple of years, as amy pointed out, and he is the one who has the greatest expectations, because even republicans are saying that if he does not have a game-changing night, that the trajectory of this campaign will not change, and that's going to be bad for romney campaign. >> right. each of them have really sort of gotten their practice in, one could argue. we talked wins and losses, expectations. both sides basically trying to play it down a little buiit. it's better to manage expectations than to not accomplish expectations. what do you think the voters are expecting? are they expecting something civilized? are they expecting attacks from each separate candidate, amy? >> i think they're expecting their issues to be addressed and to be addressed thoroughly and convincingly. bu
to go over the cliff, allowed middle-class taxpayers to go over the cliff unless they get these bonus tax breaks for people like mitt romney and we think the more time goes on, the more their position becomes clear to the american people and untenable. >> let me just add to that, by year ago republicans held hostage raising our debt ceiling, which would mean paying our obligations, ruining our credit rating, are standing around the world and the president did not want to let that happen. he tried everything he could. finally, to get the job done on time, the congress and the president said we will just have some sequestration's, meat axe approach is to the spending on the defense side and on the domestic side and that would be so awful that the supercommittee and the rest of the congress would do something smart to avoid that because no one would want that to happen. here we are facing the likelihood of all these things going into effect. now with the supercommittee couldn't work out the differences, that doesn't mean that congress should stop trying to resolve these problems but just
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)

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